Patrick Dwyer In My Memory Single

"Frolicking, rollicking “(See You) In My Memory” from indie singer/songwriter Patrick Dwyer conjures the Old West with a driving force field of acoustic instrumentation, rapid-fire guitars, insistent percussion, rubbery bass, and the inspired, commandeering vocals of the rural Montana-based troubadour (think John Denver meets U2).  With flourishes of tambourine, a whistle here and there and crafty harmonies from Dwyer, 
he offers a universal theme about the one that got away: 'What are we now? What were we then?/Such good strangers, such good friends…Thought you should know I still see your smile from time to time/So I'll see you in my memory.' As catchy as Gorilla Glue, this giddy-up anthem is truly a sing-along triumph.”

Chuck Taylor 
[Entertainment Journalist,  worked 15 years at Billboard magazine as a Senior Editor/Writer and Single Reviews Editor]

"[Patrick's] tunes are never edgy or overwhelming. They’re an unpretentious set of simply crafted, feel good, grown up pop songs that you find yourself singing or humming long after they’ve have stopped spinning.

It is clear from the tracks that I’ve heard so far, that Patrick treads his own distinctive artistic path, melding a variegated musical tapestry with passionate, personal lyricism. However, the magic magnetism of Patrick’s music is that his songs are totally “in” sounding with the modern crowd.  Yet it can be heard and appreciated in whatever generation you are in. His acoustic-guitar dominated songs shatter all barriers and are simply uplifting.

I highly recommend buying his music and listening to the songs more than once...the hidden nuances you find each time you listen to Patrick’s singing or playing, are quite remarkable! A star in the making…"

-Jamsphere Magazine

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